Steven Barker UAS Services

Steven was recommended by a mutual friend. With no obligation on either party we explored what KefiWeb might be able to do help Steven with his new Unmanned Aerial Systems business. Entirely through email and messaging we got to know each other and our respective strengths. Long-story-short… Steven is a technically proficient chap.   For him , learning about web sites would essentially be a one-off exercise and would be a  distraction.  He needed to concentrate on building his business. KefiWeb provided Steven with a package that is easy to use and could be readily tweaked to reflect his changing business needs.   Most importantly – one for which there is plenty of guidance readily available on the web. If you visit Steven’s web site you will see is how he has taken the initial package and updated it to reflect his business.   (By mutual agreement he retains a link to KefiWeb on the footer of his pages).

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