Set You Up With Your Own Site

This may be of interest if you want to have your own web site.
That is – a digital asset that you will own and control.
There’s a load of stuff that goes on behind the scenes to set one up.
Much of it only needs to be done once.
(If you have the time and inclination to learn about it all and do it yourself – then this is probably not for you).
I’ve set up sites in this way for several people.
There’s an element of trust that goes into it.
The bottom line is that for around £120 – £180 you’ll have a “simple” site up-and-running.  Ongoing costs would be in the region of £30 a year.
If this could be of interest then I’ve set up a page with some questions on it.
Those questions are based on the face-to-face chats I have had with others.   They will give me an idea of whether I can help you.
I’m not in the business of wasting your or my time – so it’ll be a matter of:-
“If I can I will.  If I cannot – I will say so.”