Phone Text Videos

I do phone text videos.   An example is immediately below and I’ve put more information below that.

There’s a few things that go into making these. If you’d like me to make you the basic video (ie no phone frame) then I would need the following.
From the top:-
(i) any preference you may have for the time and battery life (or leave it to me to add);
(ii) a little picture to appear on the heading (something about the size of what you might use for social media accounts);
(iii) the name of the person to go under the picture;
(iv) around 12 lines of text.  Each roughly the length of what is in the video above.

If you would like me to frame it in a mobile phone hand set – as in the example above – then let me know.
I am looking at the viability of using other still and animated settings.   If you are interested – let me know and we can discuss the current state-of-play.

What will I get for my money?  An .mp4 file.  It’s all yours – no copyright or license restrictions.  The basic video is around 1mb in size.  The basic framed video is around 2mb.   Delivered electronically via channels agreed between us.
OK how much?   This is a new market (late 2018) and I have seen prices range between $50 for the basic video up to $1,500 for one set in a video background.
Based on that I am offering the basic video for $50 and a version like the video above for $125.   Payment via Paypal (via account).