Mini Video Pages

Mini Video Pages™ came into being during a peer review by Members of an Ethical Marketers’ Group on 1st May 2020.
The Group was reviewing a sales page for a training course on how to make One Topic Mini Video Pages (OTVMPS).
One observation was on how (not) memorable and marketable the then name was.  Both Video Mini Pages and Mini Video Pages were suggested as alternatives.
Mini Video Pages seemed roll of the tongue (for English speakers) more easily than Video Mini Pages.
For the northern American audience this had the added bonus of the association with the acronym  “MVPs”.
During the review the terms “Mini Video Pages” and “Video Mini Pages” were fed into search engines.   The only results were those associated with OTVMPS.
From this it was proposed that both the three-word combinations and the concept developed as OTVMPS were unique – in the truest sense of the word.
Unintentionally Chris Davis (your very own Chris @ KefiWeb) had joined the ranks of digital innovators.  Innovation – again in the truest sense of the word.