Luis Pool Mastichari
KefiWeb was recommended to the owners of the Luis Pool Mastichari by a long standing resident of Mastihari whom KefiWeb had supported with basic web site design for a local site. The Luis Pool Mastichari site is on its third iteration. Each has evolved as the owners came across web sites they had seen elsewhere and wished to have emulated for their own business.

One key feature throughout has been the need to provide a separate version of the site to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) – which is subject to third-party EU review. KefiWeb is proud to say that when the owners submitted new versions of the site(s) that the endorsement was immediately forthcoming on each occasion.

Another feature required by the owners was to have versions of the site in the languages their principle clients – English, Italian, Greek and German. Throughout this long standing relationship KefiWeb as provided hosting, site design and email routing.

Perhaps the most challenging time was the transition made in spring 2018. As the web site had evolved, so had its presences on Facebook, Google+ and Google maps.

For business-related reasons it was necessary to develop and test the new site discretely and for all the changes to be implemented overnight when the owners “gave the green light”. All the changes went as planned and the world awoke one morning (in European time zones) to the new online entity : “Luis Pool Mastichari”.

Kassaras Pastry Shop
KefiWeb has been a customer of Kassaras Pastry Shop over the years.   Not only for the pastries and cakes but  also for the coffees sold at their premises.

Through chatting with Stefanos we got to now that he was minded to have a web site to complement his Facebook presence.  Research revealed that the eponymous “dot com” domain name was available to register. 

So rather than just leave it as a matter to mention on our next visit to the shop – we registered the domain name and set up a single page which, when visited, triggered a “pop-up” bar containing a link to the Kassaras Facebook page.  We then immediately let Stefanos know what we had done. 

That led to discussions about possible ways forward. Stefanos had a clear vision of what he wanted and, perhaps more importantly, what he did not want. 

He had been approached by large web providers over the years, was aware in broad terms of what was available commercially….mostly standard “out of the box” solutions.   None offered the time to understand either the person, the business, its environment, hopes, aspirations and plans for the future.  

This latter part is where a small time local web presence provider such as KefiWeb has an advantage over “the big boys”.  The rest is, as the popular expression goes, is history. We continue to enjoy Kassaras’s cakes, coffees and other goodies.  Together we are looking at possibilities that video can offer to further business and personal goals.  

Palatiano Restaurant~Cafe
The owners of the Palatiano Restaurant~Cafe had been let down by a holidaymaker who had promised to provide them with a web site. We were on holiday ourselves some four weeks after their departure and no contact had been made – not even an email to say “Sorry, we can’t do it”.

So we offered a plan of action, approximate costs and timescales by which certain things would be delivered. Within two weeks of the end of our holiday the domain name had been registered, hosting and email set-up and the first iteration of the web site was uploaded. That was back in 2005. The restaurant was then called the “Tasty Palace”.

KefiWeb was actively involved with the owners’ discussions during 2009 when a name and brand change was being discussed. Domain name availability and search engine ranking being key considerations for the online side of the business.

In 2010 KefiWeb registered and created a new one-page site, created Facebook pages and later the Facebook Group.   Email was transitioned to the new domain and has remained there to this day.

Mastihari Panorama
The Panorama Apartments are located in Mastihari, Kos, Greece.  They share the same building space as the Palatiano Restaurant~Cafe and are run by the same family. KefiWeb’s research showed that there was at least one other accommodation with the name “Panorama” on Kos.  Thus advising the domain name “mastihari-panorama” and to use the “.com” suffix in preference to the “.gr” extension on account of search engine and the first port of call for most users being “dot com”. KefiWeb registered the domain name, arranged hosting*, set-up and designed the web site using pictures taken by KefiWeb, some by guests and the family – and routed email according to the way the business operated. * the hosting and email shared with that of the Palatiano Restaurant~Cafe to save money.

Kardamena Horse Riding
Kardamena Horse Riding is run by Monika and her husband.  We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew of KefiWeb’s interest in helping small businesses with their web presences.   A “no obligation” exploratory meeting was arranged in spring 2018. Monika and her husband already had several social media accounts set up for their business and were actively using them.   They demonstrated these on the laptop they had brought with them.  They were seeking a helping hand with the “behind the scenes” stuff that goes on in setting-up a web site.   This was a one-off exercise and they wanted to run the site themselves  once it was set up. Their research up to that point suggested  they would need to spend between €150 and €500 a year for a site. Mindful that this was an entirely new venture this represented a considerable upfront (and ongoing) expense. Several frappes and a couple of hours later with KefiWeb………… they had (i) signed-up with a domain registrar (ii) registered the domain name (iii) bought some web hosting (iv) set up their email routing. All for the right side of €50 (plus frappes). Over the following two days KefiWeb set up a vanilla Wordpess installation with a flexible theme,  put together some “how to” instructions on adding text and images. Over the following week Monika  added content. The agreement was that they could call on KefiWeb for ad hoc support.  After an initial bit of “hand-holding” this amounts to the very occasional email checking on such things as notifications they receive about SSL Certificate renewals, the obligatory ICAAN notices (about verifying the details associated with domain registrant details) and…………seeking views about some of those pesky unsolicited emails that are not overtly spam.

Tea ~ 4 ~ Two
T42 is an abbreviation of “Tea 4 Two”. It is an English Cafe~Bar in Kefalos (on the Greek island of Kos) run by Gayle and David. Gayle leads on the kitchen and food side of things. David leads on the bar and coffees. By their own admission they do not know the first thing about “all this web site stuff” but knew they wanted a non-nonsense site with no frills or gimmicks. They left it to KefiWeb to come up with something – on the understanding that if they did not like it they were under no  obligation to run with it and could go elsewhere for their site.

fotosfromsky is a drone related site set up for a friend – who runs it himself after help with domain name registration, hosting and initial installation tasks. The name  came about after some online chat between the two of us about a suitable domain name. We had worked on a range of online projects over a period of about 15 years – so had a ready established rapport.

Drone Flyers GB and Beyond
Using the basic knowledge and experience gained from working with KefiWeb in setting up –  Drone Flyers GB and Beyond was set up, initially, independently by the same chap. He had established an eponymous Facebook Group in 2017 and started posting some links from there to his own images on the web site. During 2018 images from other contributors from the Group were added to the site.  In 2019 the “Drone Flyers GB and Beyond” brand had grown.  The web site expanded to reflect this. In a matter of a couple of months the web site had morphed from a hobby and had become a viable digital asset. Recognising the web site’s focus and future direction had changed, KefiWeb was invited to have a look at the how the “behind the scenes” had been configured.   KefiWeb made recommendations for improving site performance, enhancing its security, and offered advice on best practices for gaining visibility in search engines.   KefiWeb was (i) invited to implement some changes directly (done early March 2019) and (ii) asked to remain available to provide ad-hoc support when the other recommendations were implemented.  

Aplo Beach~Bar

Aplo BeachBar is a “pet project” rather than a commission. The bar is a long established business in Mastihari on the Greek island of Kos.   The domain name registration expired around the time when there was a lot of speculative mass purchasing of expired domain names.   Speculators then tie-up the name for a year (or more usually two years) with a view to reselling or leasing it for profit.   It is, for the most part, perfectly legal to do this.  It is just a bit annoying  to see it happen when it can be forestalled. Whilst KefiWeb has registered the domain name and uses it to showcase some of its services, this was only after messaging the Aplo owners. A “disclaimer” on the site describes how, should the business owners so wish,  it will be willingly transferred to the owners at cost.  

Shipwrek Bar, Kefalos, Kos, Greece

Karen – the owner / manager of Shipwrek – had worked previously with Chris @ KefiWeb.  It was her first port of call when wanting help with a web site and social media.

As a change from earlier work Karen wished to have the website as her own personal digital asset. 

KefiWeb offered guidance on domain name registration and web hosting.  This was done in part as written “how to” and in part by Messenger exchanges when Karen wished to double-check some point.   

An initial draft site was uploaded and small modifications made.

A Facebook Page and Group were set up.   KefiWeb added images and videos to site as the social media gathered pace.

The rest -as the saying goes – is history.

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