HOPSU.COM – why it is an attractive domain name.

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First and foremost – it is a “dot com” domain
“.com” is commonly held to be the most globally popular of all the domain name extensions.
It has only 5 letters – so it’s quick to type.
It incldues the common (English) words “hop” and “hops”.
For most people those words conjure up images.
“Bunny Hop” – for physical exercise and BMX bikes.
“Hops” – associated with beer.
Those visual elements make it easy to remember.
It also has a triple whammy of verbal features.
It is easy to say.
It ends with “u”…which sounds like the personal “you”.
It is easy to confirm its spelling – giving the chance to mention the name twice.
If you were mentioning the domain name in conversation – it might run something like
“hopsu dot com” – that’s “hop” with an “s” and “u”.
These are just a few of the features that make hopsu.com such an attractive domain name.
A search engine query for “hopsu” returns mainly a couple Finnish connections – a place and a politician.
Otherwise it seems to be an open book as to how – and for what – the domain can be used.
I hope honsu.com sounds attractive to you (and you’d like to buy it!).
If that is a “Yes” and Yes” – I’ve put some more information below this video.
Thank you for your time.

image hopsu.com video on key features of the domain name