Clickable Social Media Posts

Specifically for Facebook and LinkedIn.
  1.  The picture
This is best done using an image measuring 1200 pixels (width) by 628 pixels (height).
It’s what will appear in the post.
2.  The Title
This is the text that will appear immediately under the picture.
Short.  Snappy.  Words.  (Too many and it will lose the impact).
3.  The description
A secondary section with a few more words about the subject.
Be mindful of the number of characters that show under posts in timelines.
4. The link
Where do you want people to go when they click your post?
Best format is https://…………………………….
5.  Pulling it all together
Send me the information above.
By email to or via Facebook 
6.  How much is this going to cost?
I’m offering it as a one-off micro service – does $15 a post sound reasonable?
(Payable via