Clickable Social Media Images

Could you do with having your posts on Facebook and LinkedIn attract more eyeballs?
When a viewer clicks the image would you like to send them to a web page of your choosing?
If the answer to those questions is “YES” then I can probably help you.
I run “”.
How does it work?
You send me five things:-
(i) an image that will work well with both Facebook and LinkedIn – 1200 x 628 pixels.
(ii) the web page address you want it to link out to (when it’s clicked).
(iii) the name you would like to appear after the “”
(iv) a short bit of information you would like to appear in description that will appear below the image and name.
(v) some money.   It’s a “micro service” – so how about £5.00 via my account?
What do I send you?
The first (and hopefully final) version of the link for you to post.
If you change your mind on the first version then we sort out between us what needs to be changed and I update it.

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