About Us

I’ve used the term “About Us” for this page because it’s what conventional wisdom says that all sites should have.
However, “KefiWeb” is just me – Chris Davis (male of the species).
After 60+ years of mostly living and working in London (UK) I “retired” to the Greek island of Kos.
I do “webby stuff” to keep the grey matter alive and try to make it a self-financing hobby.
Enough about me.  How about you?
If you want a “shop window” web site – I can probably do you one.
If you’re after a one-off thing – a video, image, short link – then let’s see if I can help you.

image of Chris signature for KefiWeb.com

P.S.  Why “kefi”?  Well – it’s an English spelling of the Greek word “κεφι”.  Which variously translates to “fun”, “conviviality”, “joviality”.